Failed to download application Status 0

I’ve search around the forum but it seems that the others’ error on failed to download application are different with a different status error code.

Anyway, been having trouble downloading an update to my application.
Here’s the error:

Failed to download application ‘
adee/adcb3088962b80c77f73103edd63776e2ab117e0’ due to ‘Error pulling image (la
test) from,
Server error: Status 0 while fetching image layer (5b850902787895922c8f4148dc1

I have the app installed in two different raspberry pi and the weird thing is that one of the pi updated with no problem whereas another was stuck in this update loop.

Hi, checking it out what went on here, asked the team and been looking at your specific device that had the issue.

In the meantime it seems like the update should start fine by enabling the delta updates for your device temporarily (which downloads changes for your application in a different way, minimizing the amount of data sent over the network). Maybe would suggest trying out turning delta updates for your application

It’s working now after the delta configuration. Thanks!

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