New to Balena Cloud - Need some help


I have only stated using BalenaCloud a couple of days ago, I installed the project and got it working fine. :grinning:
I now need to change the WIFI details, using the terminal screen I’ve SSH’d in and opened /mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01
This where is starts to get a little less clear, the commands for Terminal seem to be different to what I am use to on my Mac ie I can’t find how to save on Balena Terminal :neutral_face:

Also I need to create connections to two SSID’s do I create another resin-wifi file ending -02?

Can anyone help?


Hi James, glad to hear you are up and running with balenaCloud! Regarding editing the file, I suspect you might be using vi to edit the contents, is that correct? If so, then once you have the modifications in place, then issuing :wq! would be the way to write the changes, and quit.

Alternatively, you could also simply place the SD Card back into your laptop, and open those files with a text editor on your Mac.

And yes, you can add another file, ending in ‘-02’, that will work fine.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the reply, yes I am using vi to edit, is there another editor? (I normally use Nano on my raspberry’s) If I use vi how do I issue the :wq! command?
Am I able to use the mv command to change the file name?


Thanks for your help all sorted now