New etcher shows Picture and link to tutorials

Etcher is offered as a package for Antergos Linux Distribution.
Is it possible to build it without showing this “Commercials” ??
As it is looking very bad on security and also on showing such things without asking users beforehand.

Hello @joekamprad,

We are currently using the window space to show some cool projects users can build using the balena ecosystem while recording to the sd card. It is not meant to be seen as a “commercial”, but a way to incentive users to build interesting projects that can be useful for them.

Thank you for your feedback, we are still testing and improving this feature to look less ad-like.

If you have any other feedback we are happy to hear them.
All the best,

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I saw the same project showcase and was interested but not ready to really engage at the time. I lost the tab. I didn’t want to write a new image to a disk just to see it again. Now, in my search for the tutorial that got away, I found this forum post and the search term that got me back to the content. I just thought the irony was funny.

In case there’s anyone else falling into the same rabbit hole as they look for the tutorial, here’s the link:

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That is great, gladly you found it!

You can keep an eye on for future projects :wink:


I would prefere to show a textlink only, and not a picture.
Or is it possible to build without this feature?
Or a option to disable it?