Y'all need to put a space between "balena" and "Etcher", or drop "balena" from the name

I think Etcher is awesome. It works well, and I think of it whenever I think of bringing up a Raspberry Pi for a project (which for me is pretty rare, once a year maybe).
Today, I found it had been assimilated into some other company’s products (sigh) and renamed “balenaEtcher”.
I’ll never remember “balena” but I always remember Etcher, because its name makes sense for what it does - think of ISO burning for discs, think of Etcher for flash. Cool. Great.

Except when I can’t tell I have the program installed, because Windows does app-invoking search by full words, and by adding “balena” to the start of the name, you’ve prevented me from finding it by the name “Etcher”.

Not cool at all.

Your branding of the app has made it now tangibly more difficult to use.

Can we not have the branding infection make the app more difficult to find? Lovely thanks. <3

Hi @FalconFour, thanks for your feedback!

Just to note, that Etcher has not been assimilated into any other company’s product, it’s the parent company (us), that got renamed late last year. See the announcement here:

We have passed on your suggestions to the Etcher team! The search issues due to Windows not considering partial word searches is indeed less then convenient.

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