New Cluster Online!

After a brief time away from the fold, I’m back with a new cluster. 7 - Pi 4 4GB. 6 in the cluster and 1 behind the display. Online and folding as fast as they can.


@BladeRunner wow! That’s an awesome setup, is that all 3D printed? Do you mind if we share your photo on our social media?

Also - which heatsinks are those? :heart_eyes:

Hi - Yes it is all 3D printed. And yes, feel free to share.

They are from Pimoroni - I got them mainly because I thought the different colors would look cool. They do get super hot if you don’t have fans on them. I have two 120mm fans that you can’t see behind the cluster.

They sure do look awesome, great call on the different colors!

Of course I had to add matching colored patch cables.

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Hi. @BladeRunner
This looks amazing. Can you share how you did that? I have a few PIs that I want to deploy on the Fold for COVID project. I am looking for instructions and could not find something I could use.
Thanks in advance.

I have several Raspberry Pi 4s running independently and would love tp cluster them. Can you share how and what software to use to do this with the Fold Project? Thanks

Serious attention to detail!

For the case, it’s all 3D parts I modeled in Fusion 360. It’s basically flat parts with cut outs for the components. The switch section is two pieces to hold the switches in place.
All the Pi’s run the software from Balena’s github. I didn’t do anything special there.

Here is my humble cluster (was two real clusters which have been taken apart). In the photo are 5 x Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) and 4 x RPi3 (1GB). All are working like the clappers, although the RPI3 sometimes have to wait a little while. Sorry the photo is a little crooked - not the setup!