Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Image broken?

So I’ve got a Pi 3 and Pi 4 4gb running and I’m running into the problem that I’ve already had to reimage the Pi 4 three times.

After about 12/134 hours I can no longer access the Pi through the the IP Address or the foldcovid link.

I’ve already switched to a different SD card.

Could this be a cooling issue? (Don’t have a fan or heatsink installed.)

The web service is unstable. Don’t reimage the microSD. Pull the cord and connect again to recover the access again and check if everything is working again.

Cooling is one possibility, another is the power supply. Are you using the official Pi power supply?

I am using the official power supply. But this morning I had to reset it again.

Noticed that the jobs done are set to 0.
Does that get reset every time you reset the pi or have I really not completed a single job?

I’m using the official Pi power and a Pimoroni Fan-Shim

Hello! I have 2 Raspberry PI units:
1 Raspberry PI3
1 Raspberry PI4 8GB

I did the download and image process in the microSD card for the 2 devices with the images and instructions of the website:


I use the balenaEtcher for the images:
microSD 64GB for the RaspberryPI3 - With successful image and verify from the app
microSD 32GB for the RaspberryPI4 - With successful image and verify from the app

I have connection to the Raspberry PI3 via http://foldforcovid.local, but no results with my Raspberry PI4.

The router clients table displays the Raspberry PI3 (foldforcovid) but not the Raspberry PI4. I changed to Ethernet cable for the Raspberry PI4 with no results again.

Any ideas?


We had another issue with RPi 4 the 8GB version - https://github.com/balena-os/balena-raspberrypi/issues/524. Could be related.

Can you please download a dev image version? It is available on the same dashboard page for download, but there is a checkbox for it. Afterwards you can do a balena scan from your computer and see whether it is shown in the list with found balena devices on the network. https://www.balena.io/docs/learn/develop/local-mode/