Network wont show up

I am attempting to turn my Pi into a Wifi-Repeater

I have been following along with this tutorial On there it directed me to the wifi-repeater project from Balena github here

The Pi I have is a 3 labeled as model B+

I have completed the steps of the tutorial seemingly without problem. However, there is no network showing up. I have restarted from the beginning including re-downloading all the associated files, but keep getting the same result.

in its current iteration misty-cucumber is up and running, just not making a visible wifi network.

The one thing I notice is on the tutorial there is a “services” line under the “notes” (shown below) that doesn’t show up on my dashboard

Any and all help is appreciated!

Hello @PineAppleCawks thanks for sharing the issue with wifi-repeater.

Did you fix this? In case you still have the issue, I have some questions for you:

  • Could you please confirm the brand of the USB dongle that you use?
  • Did you create the device variables?
  • Do you see any pattern in the LEDs?


Morning Mpous, thanks for replying

-The USB Dongle is a HomeSpot - Here the link for it.

-I did create the device variables, though I did feel somewhat unsure of myself on that part. They appear like this in the tab:

-There is no LED pattern just a solid light.

@PineAppleCawks and you don’t see the WiFi created with the SSID NetDink-2.4 from your phone?

NetDink-2.4 is the network I’m attempting to “extend”. The directions specified “WIFI_SSID and WIFI_PASSWORD of the target network you want to extend.” In turn, the AP_Password and AP_SSID are to be the credentials for the Access point.

I do see NetDink and can connect to it readily. I do not see a network being created by the PI, which by my understanding should be called “Wi-Fi Repeater” on my wifi list.

You are right @PineAppleCawks apologizes for the confusion!

Could you please share some logs that you see?

Do you still have target release “Factory build” and no services showing? If so you also need to deploy the code by downloading and installing the balena CLI and then using the balena push command. See the section in the post entitled “Deploy the code.”

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