My usb wont show.

I just got balenaetcher and my USB won’t show I’m on chrome os.

Welcome to the balena forums @sprejo,

Could you please provide some more information on this?

I guess balena etcher version and your os version should make a good start here.
Maybe check if your system can access the USB-stick as well.

Regards Markus

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Hi @sprejo
do you still face the issue?
If yes can you detail as asked earlier?

  • your OS version
  • the etcher version you use

in addition clarify your problem. Is it like

  • you start etcher and your pendrive plugged to an USB port is not visible in etcher (selecting as a target) or
  • you flash the usb stick with etcher then you plug it to your chromeOS computer and the device does not show up in the file manager?


@sprejo did you solve your issue?

Looking forward to see the answers of my colleague’s questions.