Multiple Pi's for MC server

Hi I’m new to using Balena, I have set up a minecraft server that runs through balena and everything works, however the cpu of the pi is always at over 95% (I use the rasberry pi 4 8gb) Is there a way that I can use 2 pi’s so that they share the workload to power the server or is it made to only run 1 pi per server?

Hi Robert,
not quite sure, but running a server distributed over different devices is usually a complex problem and it is highly unlikely that the minecraft server or the balena implementation supports that feature. Apparently the balena solution is based on the paper server ( ) and I can find no hint in the docs that they support a distributed implementation. Looking for ‘distributed minecraft server’ I actually found an implementation that supports a distributed setup: .
The balena server has a little chapter on modifying the server so you might want to look into that :
Cheers Thomas

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Thanks for you help, I really appreciate it