can't connect to server

Hello everyone i build a Minecraft server for my friends and me because we only had a multiplayer was launching on a Playstation 4 pro the problem there is we are 7 people so its really lagging hard sometimes and we only can join when this one friend is playing Minecraft so a server would be great that everyone can join al time!!
I followed the instructions and i clicked the button deploy with balena everything went great the application was been created i downloaded the software flashed it with balena Etcher on my SD the Raspberry booted up and appeard on the Dashboard In the next step I connected like it stands in alexProgrammerDE’s Github I typed the name: balena… .local the server was been found and then there was this problem:

Is this because i have the version 1.12.2 or is it also the cracked Titan Launcher
another Question can i connect to the server on bedrock edition?
and I don’t think that this is normal: in the logs there is standing service exited 'mc server

can somebody please help me
sorry for my Englisch im from Austria

Hello @Ferdi Thank you for writing your questions on the forums! It’s great you are building this for your friends!

First of all what Raspberry Pi are you using? Second, did you try with your local IP?

I have seen similar issues like this in the forums, and when the users re-start the system or similar it works :slight_smile:

Keep us updated!

Iam using the pi 4 model b 4gb and I tried with local Ip several times
but does the minecraft server work with bedrock edition ?
Thanks for your reply (:

i have seen the iot Happy hour livestream and I followed all instructions
Ps: love your streams they are really intresting

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Let’s see if @AlexProgrammerDE can help here :slight_smile:

Thank you Ferdi! Glad that you enjoy the IoT Happy Hour episodes :+1:

thank you where can I find @AlexprogrammerDE

@ferdi check here to see if that helps you → Minecraft cross platform? - #6

I was in the Minecraft cross platform but I couldn’t find @AlexProgrammerDE

I guess something went wrong then. Can you check your logs on the dashboard and see what it says?

should I install balena OS new

i have another Question can i join from bedrock

found the problem what can
I do?

Try to delete your paper jar via scp or just set ENABLE_UPDATE to true in the dashboard. It should pull the latest jar.