Balena Sound bluetooth connection

When i unplug and plug the Pi back in i have to remove it from “My Devices” and then connect to it from scratch or it will error on connection

Any idea on how to solve this?

What is the error that you encounter when this happens? I’ve reached out to the balena sound author to see if this is something they’ve seen.

On my phone i have to remove the pi from the list of previous Bluetooth devices and search for it again. If I try to just connect my phone says “Connection failed make sure “DEVICE” is on and within range”

Hey @mcmuffindk welcome to the forums and thanks for trying the project.

We’ve seen this before, and it has been resolved in balenaOS versions 2.38 and higher. I’m guessing as you’re still seeing it now that you’re running a Raspberry Pi Zero as the current version of balenaOS on the dashboard is 2.32 which exhibits this problem; other Pis have more recent OS versions available.

If that is the case you can work around this by downloading the latest OS for the Pi Zero from staging: If you combine a download of config.json from the normal dashboard with the OS download from staging, you should be able to get it working. You can flash the staging OS to your SD card, then plug it back into your computer and replace the config.json file within the resin-boot partition with the one downloaded from your app on the production dashboard.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the help @chrisys

I managed to flash the staging os to the Pi and it boots up, but won’t download the latest release.
Can i manually do this or is there an workaround?

Do you see any error?

@zvin no errors

What do you see on the dashboard?

@zvin everything looks normal


@mcmuffindk What do you see on the Releases page?

@zvin this is what i see


Interesting, could you please enable support access for this device?

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@zvin yes, the uuid is bb6a1e862dacd20ede141748bb36cfe7

Thanks, I’m having a look.

The supervisor is hitting an error that prevents it from updating the application.
The error is a missing /mnt/boot/config.txt file.
Did you remove it?
Did it have anything special in it?
If not, I can put a standard rpi1 config.txt in there.

@zvin i only made the changes from the Balena-Sound guide for using the pHat DAC:
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtparam = "i2c_arm=on","spi=on","audio=off" and
BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay = hifiberry-dac

But you are more than welcome to put a new config.txt file in there

I added an empty config.txt and the device applied the changes successfully and rebooted. It now downloads the new release. Let us know if you need further help.

Thank you!

I see the Pi is downloading the release