Mutiple params in RESIN_HOST_CONFIG are not being parsed correctly

I see that multiple comma-separated parameters are allowed in RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_. For example, the device configuration UI pane shows that RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtparam is set to "i2c_arm=on","spi=on", which results in the following lines being generated in config.txt:


I’m trying to set GPIO pin states ( via RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpio.

I would expect that setting RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpio to "2=op","3=op" would result in a config.txt containing:


However, no matter what I put into the input field in the UI, I always get that exact string reflected in the resulting config.txt, which is obviously wrong:


Is something up with your field parser?

@mgreensmith looking at the supervisor code, it seems that the array parsing only applies for a subset of the config.txt options, namely dtparams and dtoverlay . I didn’t actually know about the new gpio option, that is super cool. I have asked the supervisor maintainer to add support for this and to make the array parsing more generic so future cases like this will work as you expect.