More device tree overlays for Raspberry Pi?

I’m using with a Raspberry Pi 3 and am missing some device tree overlays that are available in Raspbian. Especially audioinjector-wm8731-audio. Have you got on any plans on extending your set of overlays?

Yes, we are adding more device trees in the next release of the host OS! :package:
Many of the device trees are tied to the specific kernel version, so we are updating the kernel which makes it a bigger change than just dropping the overly files on /boot. Looks like meta-rasapberrypi, on which we are building already has the latest firmware (20161125, and that includes the overlay that you mention :thumbsup: ). Will see with the team how’s the status of this update. I’m looking forward to a few overlays myself. :slight_smile:

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Now I’m missing another one (rpi-cirrus-wm5102) that came with kernel version 4.9. I’m on Resin OS 2.3.0+rev1 that uses 4.4. When can I expect it to land in a stable Resin OS release and is there anything I can do to expedite?

Update: So I found and @floion responded there that a release with kernel 4.9 is on its way.