Device tree overlay support for artik?

I am working on a project using the Artik 530S 1G (currently the Eagleye 530S), and potentially the Artik 710 in the future, that requires SPI and i2c connections. Unfortunately, the resinos images do not enable the i2c-1 interface at the moment, nor the SPI port. Are there any plans to support overlays in the future to enable these interfaces?

I know the stock ubuntu images do include the correct overlays, but if I remember correctly, those are pretty tied to the kernel, so I can’t just copy the files over.

Guess not.

Hi. Sorry for the delay.
i’ll look into it. Created to track this item

Thanks! Are overlays included for the Artik 710?

We’ll look at that board too.

Were you able to get this working @ratmandu
I’m struggling to get SPI working on the resin device.

I can’t seem to install the libartik-sdk!