Old Device on a New Network


I have a raspberry pi 3 running balenaSound. I set it up a year ago on a network that I no longer have access to. How do I configure it to connect to my new network?

I should note: I have it connected via ethernet to my new network, and it still works, I played a few songs, but I don’t want it in that location, I want it elsewhere in the house and therefore connected via wifi.

Any suggestions? (Talk to me like I’m a complete idiot because I am)

Hi Zach, well, you have two choices really. The first one is to simply download a new OS from the balenaCloud dashboard, by clicking on “Add Device”, and then inserting your new WiFi credentials, downloading the OS, and flashing it to your SD Card. Once it boots up, it will re-download all of it’s containers (might take a little while), and you’ll be back in action.

The second option, probably quicker, is to use the SSH terminal in balenaCloud, and connect to the HostOS. Once it launches, the command nmcli d wifi connect PutYourNewNetworkNameHere password PutYourNetworkPasswordHere will connect you to your new Wifi network. Obviously, replace those values with the actual network name and pass, ha.