balenaFin Case Phoenix Connector Ring Specification

I’m trying to purchase the corresponding terminal block for the balenaFin case phoenix connector ring.

Could you let me know what the pitch spacing is? I’m guessing it’s either 3.5mm or 3.81mm.

Alternatively, the part number for the phoenix connector ring would suffice.

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According to the following thread, answer appears to be 3.81mm.

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Welcome to the balena forums!

The part number of the phoenix connector should be mentioned in the DIN rail case datasheet but is not. I’ve opened an issue to add it you can subscribe to it to get the info once we update the docs. And I’ll keep you posted here as well.

Thanks for letting us know about that!

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@shasderias I was facing same problem last few days. Thanks bro for sharing this errors with us and community. :slightly_smiling_face:

@shasderias @hamblingreg52
The part number of the phoenix connector is 1829468 and the plug part number is 1850987.

The connector pitch is 3.81mm.

We will update the docs soon.

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I can confirm the following (cheaper) male connector shared by @shasderias on the Github issue works as well:

That’s the expensive phoenix contact one!

Cheaper one would be something like this:

That’s the cheapest of the two official Phoenix plugs :sweat_smile:
1827839 (that you posted on Github): 24.93$CAD
1850987 (from @MTolba’s comment here): 43.63$CAD

Those two seem functionally identical. Both can be screwed into the connector.