Phoenix ring HAT board

I can’t find anywhere to read about the “Phoenix ring HAT board” thats mentioned in the user guide for the case.

What pins are exposed?


Hi @Beek ! you can find the ring datasheet with the pin mapping here ( modular DIN rail case )

Why is this doc so hard to locate ? can you please add it to the same page as the Phoenix Ring and can you add the Phoenix Ring to the Accessories page please ??

Thanks for this suggestion, which I’ll forward to the docs team. :+1:
Meanwhile, if it helps, a way to find the docs is to search (Google) for “github balenafin”, which will take you to the open-source balenaFin repository on GitHub:

… where the documentation folder is towards the top of the page, and can be browsed for its contents.

@alinnz the docs are linked in the top menu of the product website ( ) and in the product page in the store ( “getting started” ). Thanks for the feedback, will look into how to make it more visible.

Hi thanks but it would be a lot easier if it were all together in one place.

Also the data sheet for the pinout of the Phoenix Connector does not match in anyway what I find if I map it out myself with a continuity tester ?? why is the pin out incorrect ??

That sounds odd.

Could you provide some more information about your findings, perhaps you could highlight some of the pins which you think are not correct?

Hi @alinnz, I found that the datasheet hasn’t been updated to match the latest revision of the phoenix HAT board (which is the one we released to the public). I’ve made the necessary changes and published the updated datasheet.
Thank you for pointing this out.


Hi Nicolas Its still doesn’t match what I find see attached

Regards Alan

PI : Fin Pinout.pdf (20.8 KB)

Hi @alinnz what you attached matches the updated datasheet, here’re some notes that might clarify the situation.

  • We named the GPIOxx as BCMxx (see here ) to identify the Compute Module processor (BCM2837) from the co-processor.
  • With the coprocessor, we used the convention PAxx/PFxx to match the pin name on the co-processor (BGM111/Artik-020). You can take a look at MOD2 in page 7 of the balenaFin datasheet.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.


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Hi @curcuz thanks for the reply but it is not the same pin 8 on the fin pin header is not ground as it shows in you data sheet ?? it is TX ground is either pin 6 or pin 14 are you saying that the Fin 40pin header is laid out differently to the Raspberry Pi ?

I am very confused, your data sheet does not match mine and is not correct compared to a Raspberry Pi

Many Thanks

Hello @alinnz

There was indeed a mistake in the datasheet that I didn’t spot when updating to the latest version of the Phoenix HAT board. I’ve issued a fix and published the updated datahseet in the same link.

Hope this clarifies the situation.