Missing Partition Table Issue

Hello this is my first time using etcher so please bear with me here but im trying to make a bootable snow leopard mac os on a usb drive on my windows computer and this is the error I got from etcher, the ISO im using is a snow leopard iso i found online but im not sure what a partition table is the while the mac did boot from this usb, halfway through installing with this usb drive it runs into an error so im not sure what the fix here would be, any help is appreciated. Thanks!

“It looks like this is not a bootable image. The image does not appear to contain a a partition table, and might not be recognized or bootable by your device.”

This is not an error, just a warning. Etcher looks for a GPT or MBR partition table in disk images and warns you if it can’t find one.
Depending on the device that you’ll be using the flashed disk with, it might still boot. And it looks like it booted in your case so this is not an issue.