Balena etcher partion table missing windows (help)

When I try to revert back to windows by creating a bootable ISO file, It says Missing Partion Table, The image can successfully boot, but when It does boot I can’t install Windows because there is no Storage drivers found, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the ISO file or balena (Or maybe its something wrong with my computer).

Extra information: I’m on manjaro linux XFCE, (arch linux). My Laptop was factory set as windows and arch linux detects the driver so I am VERY CONFUSED.

Thank you all, and please share as many ideas as possible and I will try to provide as much information as possible.

Contact information: Discord: GhostieZ ;3#3371.

Hey @RazorSharpPig, can you please specify the image you are flashing here?
A link to the source would help.

Anyhow, what you see on Etcher is a warning and not error. Etcher is warning that the image might not be bootable after you flash it, which seems to be what is happening here. Please see the explanation here as well: etcher/ at master · balena-io/etcher · GitHub

It seems like you are hitting this known issue with Windows images: Support burning Windows images · Issue #210 · balena-io/etcher · GitHub

There are couple of workarounds in that latter link that might help you.


Hi, thanks for you’re reply,

I’m trying to flash a windows ISO file (the most recent one) on a USB stick.

Everything succesfuly boots fine, but when it comes to installing windows, it dosen’t actually detect a storage device and I think it’s due to the warning that popped up.

It might be due to something else, but i’ll continue to look through your answers and find a workaround on this day.

I’m just wondering if you could clarify if its something to do with etcher, or my pc.

Hi Charlie, tough to say…Etcher is not capable of flashing Windows images, as we advised above. If your USB stick did in fact boot, but is unable to recognize any target devices after booting from USB, it could possibly be a driver issue, though it’s a bit tough to say. Is your target drive in the PC an SSD? NVME? Is it properly detected by your UEFI BIOS? If the PC can’t find the drive, Windows certainly won’t be able to partition and install itself. But again, those are just some items to check, and it could very well be that Etcher couldn’t accurately create that USB stick in the first place. Thanks!