Memory leak MacOS

I flashed a couple of SDs two days ago. I just noticed my machine was getting sluggish and when I checked memory Etcher was using 8.5GB.

Hi Rob, interesting, I use Etcher nearly every day but mostly close the application once I am done flashing. I will try leaving it open for a few days and see what happens, though. Can you let us know what version of Etcher you are using (click gear at top-right), and, what version of MacOS you are on please?

I’m using MacOS 11.5.2, and the Etcher 1.5.121. I think I burned two 32GB cards. I should have thought to use Xcode profiler to see if there were any hints about where the leak was!

Thanks for the detail. I will try to duplicate it…but if you happen to burn any more SD Cards, see what happens on your side as well. :slight_smile:

I sure will! I’ve used the tool a bunch of the last few years - thanks for putting out there for free use!

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Awesome! Not sure exactly how expert you at tracing down a memory leak, but if you do witness it again and use Xcode, keep in mind that Etcher is open source…you can always PR in a fix if it’s something you pinpoint and know how to resolve! (We will of course try to duplicate and pinpoint it, as well.). :slight_smile:

Unfortunately can’t use Instruments to try to find the memory leak without restarting the app. But it did happen to me again, I believe over the course of about 24 hours but maybe more. I burned one SD. Here are the relevant screenshots. Hope they help track it down!

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 8.10.01 PM

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 8.10.12 PM