Blank screen on Mac OS 11.2.3

Hi all - wanted to let you know about an issue I found and a resolution.

On an M1 Mac running 11.2.3 with Etcher 1.5.120, doing the following produces a blank screen:

  1. Open Etcher
  2. Click select image button
  3. Find file and select it
  4. Blank screen results

Nothing can be done at this point. I tried with the SD card reader detached and same results.

Running it under Rosetta emulation appears to fix it and I was able to successfully flash an SD card.

Just in case someone else comes across this issue and needs a workaround.

Hi, thanks for letting us know about this issue. Can you please post the console logs in the dev tools?

Cmd+Opt+I → Click Console → Copy text from the console and paste it here.

otherwise it’s hard to know what’s going wrong exactly. If you could post a screenshot too, that would be excellent.

We definitely want to get this resolved as quickly as possible as the M1 chips become more and more common!