Very very annoying "feature" on the Etcher

I had a SD card brand new, 64 gb. I had a image of 15gb from another sd card.
I burn it to my new SD card because I wanted the new fresh space for putting more files into it.
After format and flash using Etcher, my final 64 gb got only 15gb… WTF that’s not what I was expecting. What’s the problem?
Please no excuses, thats a serious bug.


I think the issue you’re seeing here is that the partition table from the source image (the 15gb one) has a single 15gb partition defined, and Etcher writes the image RAW to the target disk. What you have done is tell the MBR/GPT on the SD card that it has a single 15gb partition.

This isn’t a bug or corruption at all, just the way disk images/partition tables work.

If you’re on Linux/MacOS then you can normally wipe the MBR of the card with dd and then intialise it again, on Windows you can use diskpart, and you will see it’s back to 64gb. The controller in the card can still access the whole memory space, it’s just the OS respecting the partition table that’s showing it as 15gb.

As an aside, Etcher is used for writing Linux system images and most of these images are designed to run as an installer OR expand the partition on first boot (balenaOS for example) What was the content of your 15gb image? Was it just data or an OS?

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