No logs appear in the dashboard


We have a couple of units running 2.9.6+rev1 (dev) where we are troubleshooting a problem with our code. However, they are all showing ‘no logs yet’ in the logs panel.

Using the CLI also shows no logs for those devices.

I’ve never seen the logging section blank on our builds using a release base image - is this expected behaviour on debug images?



you should be able to see logs in the dashboard. Is your application sending logs to standard output?
Amongst others, dev images provide a getty console attached to tty1 and serial. Have you checked that you see logs there?

Please note at this point that development images should be used when you are developing an application and want to use the fast local mode workflow. This variant should not be used in production.


Hi Richard, do you still have these issues? What device type are you using? Are these devices in an application that already worked before or in a new one? If in a new one, have you pushed any code to it yet? If you did, the device’s summary page shows some value at the “Commit” section (and not “factory build”)?

Sorry for the multitude of questions, just trying to get the context a bit better.


We’ve just seen a similar issue again.

When we powered cycled a device using Resin OS 2.9.6+rev1 (dev) it failed to come up on the dashboard. Strangely our application did appear to be running, but (I’m guessing) the VPN to your systems failed to come up.

Log files are blank until we powered cycled the device again at which point it all started working.

I’m just getting a bit nervous as we’re just about to deploy some systems in the real world and there have been a few instances of systems appearing not to come up cleanly.

What information can I give you to help?


Hi, it is likely that the supervisor is the one that didn’t come up fine for some reason, since that is the component that directs the logs. The application starts automatically without the supervisor if it was started before.

When it didn’t come up on the dashboard, you mean it was “offline”, or just didn’t have logs?

Some options:

  • Since it’s a .dev device, you can also connect to it on the local network, and check the host for information (see some more info at ) for example the journals (the output of dmesg and journalctl -a).
  • If it shows up in the dashboard as online but no logs, then we can debug it remotely as well.
  • Third possibility is if you can reach the device on the local network, but does not show up in the dashboard, then we can try to remotely debug by hopping over a second resin device that works properly and it’s on the same networks as the misbehaving one.

In general it would be good to catch a device like this in the act, so our support agents can access it and find root of the issue. The second best is getting the logs off the device and sharing with us.

Just checking back with you on this.
Has this occurred again?
If that’s the case, did you manage to collect any logs?

If you do catch a device in that state, it would be helpful if you could Grant Support Access to us from the actions menu of the device’s page and send us the dashboard url of the app or device to investigate further.

Kind regards,