Keep chromium at a fixed version

I’m trying to display a website on an intel nuc.
I adapted my code from
when I’m not specifying a chromium version:
RUN install_packages

chromium-browser --product-version

the website is loading partially but videos are not shown. I get the following error in the terminal:] Failed to export buffer to dma_buf

I then tried to lower the version of chromium (because my code was working 1-2 months ago)
RUN install_packages

chromium-browser --product-version

Now everything is working as expected. There seems to be an issue with latest chromium and my intel nuc.

How can I keep this version number? Is there a chance that this version gets removed, e.g. when Chromium 89 gets released and suddenly my Dockerfile.template is not working anymore?

Thanks for any clarifications on how versions work (I’m a linux beginner)

Hi there, usually these versions will stay even when newer versions are released, to avoid issues like you described. You should always be able to reference that version of chromium that works, just like you have done in your dockerfile.

Thank you for the quick reply!