Browser BalenaBlock docker image not updated

Hello everyone!

I am using the browser balenablock for a project and i need a rotation of the display and the touchscreen inputs but as i can see the docker image has not been updated to track github changes.

balenablocks/browser was last published 3 months ago while Touchescreen inputs changes were made 13 days ago.

Will this image be updated soon or should i build it myself ?

Have a nice day!

Hello @kworz welcome to the balena community! and thank you for your heads-up! I will ping the balenaBlocks team to update the image, meanwhile maybe you can build it yourself.

I will keep you updated when the block gets updated!

@kworz we just updated the dockerHub image! let us know if now it works for you :slight_smile:

apologizes for the previous experience and again thank you for the headsup!

Hello @mpous Thanks a lot for your reactivity! I will give it a try this afternoon.

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