Just asked on the livestream - what have i done wrong?

setup balenasound - got my audio over airplay from my phone at the headphone jack. Sweet, pretty easy.
Then I follow the directions here to get my hifiberry DAC+pro HAT going, and it won’t reboot after pulling power as directed. or rather, it “reboots” to “heartbeat only”
why does it need to reconnect to the cloud when it loses power?
Is there a specific way to de-power the pi so that this doesn’t happen when it sees power again?

Sorry for the delay here Greg, but I’m not sure I fully understand the situation. The device will always re-connect to balenaCloud, and should always show as “Online” (so long as it is powered on and has internet connectivity). It sounds like you built the Pi, flashed the SD Card, and the containers are all built and downloaded already, correct? At that point, you tested it, and it worked? (Prior to installation of the DAC)?

After turning it off, you installed the DAC, and powered back on? It should definitely reconnect to balenaCloud at this point, so if it is not, then perhaps you have some local networking issues to sort out. Have a look here to make sure these requirements are met: Network Setup on balenaOS 2.x - Balena Documentation

Hope that helps to start clearing things up…but ultimate a balena device should always be connected and “Online” in the balenaCloud dashboard, generally speaking.

@heysoundude ,

When you power-cycled the Pi, did you reboot it through BalenaCloud, run a command, or just pull the power cable? The reason I ask is that pulling power on a Raspberry Pi can cause the SD card to become corrupt and it may not boot back up. BalenaOS is pretty tolerant to this by design, but I have had it not handle a plug pull, and require a reflash of the SD card to get back working.

If it’s not too much trouble, I’d suggest re-flashing the SD card just to make sure that’s not the issue.

Gents - it turns out that what I was doing incorrectly (or actually, not doing) was “pinning the version” before pulling power. Once I realized my changes wouldn’t survive a power cycle until I did, I tested power cycling the Pi several times and my issue was resolved.

It’s a little thing, and I either missed it or it wasn’t explicit enough. Perfectly sensible- the OS will boot but doesn’t have anything to run beyond that. Now I know, and can continue building out my fleet. Next hurdle: reducing latency between a volume change on the controller and it being implemented on the node. After that, it’s learning how to build a module for Tidal.

Keep up the great work balenaFolk, and thanks!

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