Balena sound audio stuttering and bluetooth constantly disconnecting and reconnecting

I am a complete newb and just received tonight a raspberry pi 4b 2GO on which i succeeding in installing BalenaCloud.
All services are running fine and i output audio through HDMI.

However i do have some quircks, first there is a real instability of the bluetooth from my phone which is very close to the Pi, when i do not play music i constantly hear the disconnection / connection sound.
When i play music, it works ok with very few stuttering.

For information i am connected through LAN, however i have entered LAN + wifi when setting up the device.

I also notice a delay : when i push play or pause on my phone, it takes a few seconds to pause / play on the pi. Plus pausing music will give me the “connection/disconnection” sound every 5 seconds.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Hi there, thanks for trying out balenaSound and welcome to our forums!

With regards to the delay, that is somewhat to be expected. We use Snapcast to sync audio across multiple devices and that comes with the cost of a bit of delay to it. If you don’t use the multi-room feature you can disable it and it should be less noticeable. You can do so by creating a device environment variable called DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM. This two links might be of help:

Regarding bluetooth instability. From my experience the Pi 4 is pretty stable in terms of bluetooth connection, so my first hunch would be to look elsewhere. Can you try streaming from another device to rule it out? Also if you can provide information on OS type and version for your phone. Lastly, in terms of the device itself, do you see any errors being logged when the connection/disconnection sounds loop? Can you check dmesg while that is going on? Thanks!