Issue with Balena dash project / raspberry touchscreen

Hi there
I followed the balena-dash tutorial to build a WPE kiosk mode on a Raspberry 3 B+ With the official touchscreen attached to it.
Everything is ok but for some website (including YouTube TV and Hadashboard) the touchscreen is unresponsive (touching some buttons on the website has no effect) some other website are ok (especially those with some text fields like google)
Any help ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Nicolas could you provide an example of a specific website that you are seeing issues on? I’d like to try and reproduce the issue locally.

Hey @lucianbuzzo
Thanks for your answer
Actually I figured out that it’s due to the rotate_lcd parameter I was using on the host config.
I was testing with the default WPE website (youtube tv)

Hi @Nicolas Glad to hear that your issue is resolved! Out of curiousity, what was the exact problem you had with the rotate_lcd parameter?

Hi…I originally had an issue where the large ribbon cable was not firmly installed on the driver board, but that was corrected. I got the Screen working within a day or so, but the touch screen does not. I have reconnected, disassymbled, assembled, jumped up and down on one foot.
Any one having the same issue or found a work around?
Is there any thing in cli i can do in linux to check the status for the DPI or the touch?

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@PatenLowe I am running some tests, and this is not a final answer. Could you try setting up a WPE_URL address, this one for example, and see if it the touchscreen works. In case it doesn’t work, try rebooting the device (you can do it from the dashboard). After it reboots, can you let me know if it works? On my current tests, after rebooting the touchscreen started working.