Balena Dash LCD issue

Hi all :wave:
I’m new to Balena and have setup an RPI 3 with Balena Dash and an official RPI touchscreen LCD display.

When I plug the device in, I see the “Starting Kernel” message on the display and then it goes black. The device is online, and using HDMI it outputs the splash screen.

Is there anything else I can try?

The display works fine with the standard Raspberry Pi OS.



You should have access to the device in your dashboard at There you can view the logs from the host OS, or open an SSH session into the host OS, where you can try to diagnose why your monitor isn’t connected.

There’s also the possibility that the monitor get disconnected, and one of the components responsible for displaying the content has encountered some kind of error. You can SSH into each container and run journalctl -a to try and find what might be amiss.

The last reply should read “didn’t get disconnected”

Thanks, I had a look but there is quite a lot in those logs. I can’t see anything specific but I’ve enabled support, my device is “muddy-firefly”

Hey @henry :smiley:

Could you post or PM me the long device UUID (from the URL)

I’ve just run up a test device on balenaOS 2.41.0+rev3 and am seeing the below, device was working fine on 2.36, so may be something related. You can try an older OS version just as a test whilst we look into it some more.

Thanks @chrisys - I’m up and running with the older OS!