Local network, application won't start. pi3 - resin 2.0.0

I have a resin application running on a raspberry pi3 which commands a camera through ssh and hosts a webpage among other things. It is designed to connect to a hotspot(not internet connected) and then other clients can connect to the hotspot and access the webpage.
When the device is started up with no hotspot in range the application will start and the device will run as required. When I start the device in range of the network though, the application never starts. I have given the hotspot internet access via ethernet cable and it works perfectly, however as a local network it will not work.

Any idea what is going on? My current working theory is for some reason the application recognises that it has a wifi connection(that has had internet access before) and is constantly trying to open up the VPN to resin servers?

Any help would be appreciated, cheers!

Hi - The application should start even if the device has no Internet connectivity. The application starting has no connectivity logic with it. You could activate the resin local mode ( https://docs.resin.io/development/local-mode/ ) and check what is going on in the device.