Virtual Intel-NUC device not visible on open balena server

I created a VM on VirtualBox with device type intel-nuc as decribed in the following link:

If I use the balena cloud the device is visible and everything seems to be okay.
For our project be use open balena server and for all raspberry devices everything is working fine.

Now I created a new application:

‘balena app create virt-balena-dev’ -> with device type “intel-NUC”

Assign the new application to the downloaded development image (, Intel NUC, version 2.50.1+rev1) with ethernet connection using the following command:

balena os configure balena-cloud-intel-nuc-2.50.1+rev1-dev-v11.4.10.img --app virt-balena-dev --version 2.50.1+rev1

All ohter steps are carried out as described in the above mentioned documentation.
After startup the machine (the start seems to be normal, same as using balena cloud) the new device is not visible using balena devices and behind the defined application.

The device is reachable with:
balena ssh <IP_OF_DEVICE>

May be someone has an idea what is going wrong here and can give me some helpful information.


Hello Peter,

As noted here

Due to changes in balenaOS, only versions up to and including 2.49.0 are currently supported.

Can you please try again by downloading an older image for the nuc and try with your openBalena instance?


Thank you for your response

I checked that with image: balena-cloud-intel-nuc-2.47.1+rev1-dev-v10.6.27.img and it is working :slight_smile: