Img loading time is slow (win10)

Flashing from file I’ve selected the img and I’ve been waiting to do something else, all I have is a green “Stop” cursor unless i want to select flash from url or clone drive. Is this supposed to take this long or longer? the file is only 1.6gb and my PC is showing 0% CPU usuage across 7 Balena processes with an influx of 0.1% every few minutes. There’s also very little change in Memory consumption and 0% GPU consumption, and I figured it would let me know the image has been loaded and then activate the select target button.

I’ve reset it 2 times and decided maybe I was rushing but it’s been quite some time as stated.

No one knows why this program fails to load an img?


You cam try these steps:

  1. Check if the image file is corrupted.
  2. Run Etcher as an administrator.
  3. Reinstall Balena Etcher.
  4. Ensure no other heavy apps are running.
    If it still doesn’t work, try another flashing tool.

Hope it helps !

Thank you