IAQ displays no information

I am using my bme680 with my pi 3B+. When i opened the Grafana dashboard for the first time, the graphs and charts were there, they just did not contain any information. Fortunately i could just open the individual graphs where Grafana suggested which readings to input for the different graphs.

The issue that i am having is that the IAQ has its value auto-filled as (air_quality_score), but that the value has no readings associated with it and therefore no data. Instead i only have the suggested input which i have used for the other readings.

Before attempting this visualisation i downloaded some code from Pimoroni which DID display the IAQ. I know that it works, it just does not show up on the Grafana dashboard for whatever reason.

Hello @Kiwidyret did you fix this? Could you please share the logs that you see in balenaCloud?

Hi. I did not! Are these the logs that you are referring to? Forgive my lack of understanding if not.
balena-sense_still-zombie-2024-01-29t13 42 15+01 00.txt (80.0 KB)

@Kiwidyret could you please confirm that you are running this? GitHub - balenair/balenair: Build an indoor air quality monitoring device featuring a simple real time display and a detailed web dashboard


I am not. I used this guide which i found on the Balena blog. The images show an air quality indicator which is working. The issue being that it is not working for me.

Ah ok! this is the balenaSense project! Thanks for confirming @Kiwidyret

Could you please send some screenshots of what you see when you access to the Grafana?


I am only able to post one image per post, so here’s the first.

Here’s the second:

And the last one: