balena sense questions


I have a rpi zero w up and running with balena Sense and a bme680 breakout board.

So now I am curious to how all this ties together and thought I would start learning how the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is being collected and where the code/configs live so I can experiment.

Where is a good place to start learning how the data in my screen shot is being output and how to make changes or work with the code to make changes. I hope that makes sense.

In case you didn’t see it there is a fairly extensive blog post about balenaSense here on our blog:

further if you didn’t already have, you can checkout the source for the project:
the sensor subdir has the code that reads the sensor data and then the telegraf+influxdb+grafana stack is used to scrape, store and present that data

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Thank you!

I’ve been coming up to speed with how all this works and really appreciate you pointing me toward info.