balenaSense v2 dashboard and data collection

Hi All,

I have balenseSense v2.0.0 setup on a RPI 3A which appears to be working okay, however the pre-installed dashboard seems to have information stripped out, primarily the IAQ.

After checking the InfluxDB it seems that the IAQ information output from the Bosch BME680 is no longer being collected. I did also test with the old graph which has gauges and correct metrics configured, not sure why this was removed.

Is there any way to enable IAQ collection as this is a vital component of data?

Perhaps once the v2 documentation is released that will shine some light on the subject.



The Readme mentions:

Currently however, only I2C sensors that are not mounted on a HAT are supported by the sensor block. This means 1-wire sensors, the Raspberry Pi Sense-HAT, and Pimoroni Enviro+ Air Quality HAT are no longer supported by balenaSense.
The indoor air quality (IAQ) readings in previous versions of balenaSense were dependent on propriatery software that had recurring breaking changes. On multiple occasions, the entire project was broken while new changes were investigated and merged. In addition, to obtain accurate air quality readings on the BME680, specific burn in procedures are required that balenaSense did not support. For these reasons, air quality readings are no longer a part of balenaSense.
However, blocks are open source and extendable! We’re looking into non-proprietary ways to support air quality readings and sensors on HATs. (PRs are welcome!) We believe that this block-based balenaSense is a more flexible solution overall, and a better base for adding more features as time goes on. If there is a feature that you want to see reinstated, please add an issue above.

Perhaps you are up for the challenge to add IAQ reading support for balenaSensev2? :sunglasses:

Otherwise you can clone the project and checkout the v1.9.9 to use v1.

Hope this helps

I’d love to use V1 however Bosche no longer have v1.4.8.0 drivers available so its impossible to install.

Its a shame v2 was released with reduced functionality, hopefully someone who knows a lot more than I do can build on the integration, as it stands the information gathered from the BME680 isnt too useful.

Thanks for the reply!