Balena sense services not appering

sorry i am very new to this. I followed the Build an air quality monitor with InfluxDB, Grafana, and Docker on a Raspberry Pi , guide . the services are not appearing on the dashboard i have device up and running on the dashboard though. the logs show

08.05.21 23:53:58 (+0100) Supervisor starting
08.05.21 23:54:06 (+0100) Applying configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
08.05.21 23:54:06 (+0100) Applied configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
08.05.21 23:54:07 (+0100) Creating network ‘default’
08.05.21 23:55:48 (+0100) Applying configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_DELTA”:“1”}
08.05.21 23:55:48 (+0100) Applied configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_DELTA”:“1”}

Hey there @simboincharge and welcome to the forums. Thanks for posting this! There is currently an issue with the balenaSense project caused by an update to the Bosch Sensortec library - we are tracking those issues here: Bosch BSEC generic release missing · Issue #99 · balenalabs/balena-sense · GitHub

Once that issue has been closed you’ll be able to try the Deploy with balena button again and it should work the next time.