i cant download for windows

for some reason whenever i try to launch the setup it says this image

im on windows 7 btw

Hi there, have you tried opening that location in Explorer to see what’s going on there? Are you able to delete the file manually? Have you tried rebooting the PC as well as running a full disk check on the volume?

how do you run a disc check?

You can try these instructions from Microsoft.

that didnt work… any clue what i do now?

So, you could try a different PC or try upgrading your operating system to a later version since Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

Also, since PCs running Windows 7 no longer receive security updates, perhaps it is in your best interest to upgrade regardless?

see, im poor lol also, the download link to upgrade to windows 10 for free cant download for the same reason

@grahammcculloch upload://hgxQrNmsUJQqjOA5tVkt8a2m70V.png seems to be coming from the data-base62-sha1="hgxQrNmsUJQqjOA5tVkt8a2m70V" attribute on the image in the forum so it must be to do with how we construct the image markdown when we sync

Apologies - that was an internal message to the team about how we are viewing images from the forum - not helpful to your problem unfortunately