balenaCam for capture and streaming blocks

Hello @khancyr thanks for coming to the Virtual Hackathon! Tell us more about what you discovered on the capture-and-streaming repo and how did you make it run :slight_smile:

I saw you shared your screen on the Auditorium

For more context GitHub - balena-io-playground/capture-and-streaming: Demo of new video capture block and streaming block made by @alanb128

In fact, it was Balena Cam that I have fixed. I will push a PR soon.

For the capture and streaming, I manage to make it run but the webview wasn’t working


Hey @khancyr how are you doing? Did you find time to PR the balenaCam project? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to know more!

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hello @mpous, here is the PR : Fix balena cam by khancyr · Pull Request #97 · balenalabs/balena-cam · GitHub .
Just upgrading the os was enough to fix the issue. I haven’t test we the deploy button.