How to solve the "Needs Admin Access" issue on Windows

There have been a number of messages here on the fact that Etcher has access problems when running on Windows - because it needs to be run with elevated privileges.

Back when I worked for H&R Block, we ran into this issue when developing software for Win Vista +.

The solution is to include a “manifest” file in the root of your build. I do not know what the current format for the manifest file is now, but there is a key called “request admin” (or something similar), that causes the executable to request elevated privilege when run.

This will cause Etcher to always request admin access before running - allowing Etcher access to the underlying hardware.

This can be done with both the installed executable and the portable executable file.

What say ye?

Etcher does not need to run with elevated privileges itself. It spawns a child process for writing to the drives. Only this subprocess needs to be elevated. That is why the UAC dialog only pop up when you press flash.
We don’t want Etcher to always request admin access before running.