How to show by each device only the mac-address tag that belongs to the eth0 interface in the dashboard overview?


Right now I see all the mac-addresses from my devices in the devices overview. I only want to see the mac-address that belongs to the eth0 interface.

Is this already possible from the dashboard? Or do I have to program a tag like this by my self with the Balena API?


Hey @Robbie we are working in order to improve the UI and UX, but if you have more interfaces they will be shown on the dashboard.

We have an example that introduces the mac address as a tag. You can try this code → basicstation/ at master · balenalabs/basicstation · GitHub where there is an example to introduce the mac address from eth0 as a tag. You will need to change the TTN_EUI to publish just the mac address and not the EUI :slight_smile:

Let us know if that works.

Using your example for creating the ‘device-interface mac address’ Balena Tag will work fine then :slight_smile:

Thanks mpous!

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