Device supervisor API only returning mac addresses for arm devices

Hi there,

I’m using the Supervisor v1 Device API to retrieve device information, and I’m particularly interested in the mac_address.

This works great for arm based Raspberry Pi devices, returning a space separated list.

But for x86 devices using the Intel NUC image, running supervisor 11.4.10 and BalenaOS balenaOS 2.50.1+rev1, the mac_address doesn’t appear in the response.

Any ideas why? When it might be added?

Best, Simon.

Which hardware model NUC are you running?

@richbayliss We’re using a Dell Optiplex 3070 Micro i3 - would that be the issue?

Hi. I’ve confirmed on a different model that mac_address is not part of the response. I have opened an issue in the supervisor repo and the maintainers will take a look.

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@Ereski Fantastic, thanks!