MAC Address and balena API


i am trying some API calls with the balena API and there is a list provided with all fields that are available in those calls found here: Resources - Balena Documentation
So for example you can use the uuid of a device to access more information about it.
But i got a use case where i just have the mac address available and want to get to know the uuid and cpu id.
Does anybody know a workaround how i can access those information using the mac address of a device?

Hi @mac,

Yes, you should be able to use the Device queries instead, which include the mac_address which could help you find the queried device’s uuid and cpu_id: Resources - Balena Documentation

hi kenna,

thanks for providing me this documentation there is the mac_address field accessible in theory. I solved it now but i overcome another problem:
I have plugged into the device a sim card from which i want to get the icc id only using the mac_address of the gateway device. Is there an API call that would resolve my problem or do you know another way of doing so?
Thanks in advance!