Showing MAC address(es) when device disconneced?

Hi there,

One of my devices has gone down and I am trying to track down why with a colleague.

He’s looking at some IT infrastructure and wants to know IP and MAC addresses for the device.

It seem that as the device is offline that information isn’t showing.

Here’s a thought - it might be helpful to continue showing that information after the device is disconnected for this kind of situation.




If you have balena-cli, you can simply run balena device <UUID> and it may show it.

I think it depends on which OS/Supervisor version you have installed as I don’t see the MAC ADDRESS field show up in all of my devices.

I’m also not certain how well this works with multiple network interfaces.

Like the dashboard, it will show the last known addresses, so even when they are offline.

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Good - thanks - I see that works for one of my offline devices :slight_smile: