MAC Address Reporting


I’m trying to figure out a scalable way to track deployed devices, MAC address seems like a sensible choice.

I noticed that my RaspberryPi reports MAC address in the Balena dashboard however my Up Squared does not.

Is this a limitation on the hardware or a bug in the OS image?

Hi @andrewhirst, we introduced this feature (of reporting MAC address) quite recently so your device needs to be running balenaOS v2.52.4 or higher. Is that the reason why your device doesn’t display?

It makes sense to MAC address for this purpose. We’ve seen balenaCloud users utilizing it for sure. Then you could also use balenaCloud ID or UUID since they are also static values.


Thanks, I cannot see the v2.52.4 update available. Is it GA for this device?

Hi, I see that 2.45.1+rev4 is the latest production release for the UP Board. Our staging/repo release is 2.50.0+rev1, so it will probably take a few weeks for those newer versions to reach production.


Version 2.54.2 is now available for the Up Boards and is reporting MAC address correctly. Thanks for your help.