Raspberry Pi 3b dies without error message

Does anyone know why the device only dies?

I explain to you, after 2 months of supporting this project with the RPi is which I had a lot of problems, the most common is I can’t enter to the web-GUI after searching in my network the device does not appear with an assigned IP address.

My solution is to power off and reflash again the OS, I think its problematic due the processed work is dumped to nothing.

Does anyone have the same problem??? There’s a solution?

Hello, we observed that in some cases the calculations ran for the project take up all the available memory, and the Pi might not be able to show the web-UI. You mentioned you can not see the device on your network in these cases, can you clarify how you checked that? In case you have access to the router on the network, try checking from there if you see any download / upload traffic from the device even when it is not showing the UI, that should be a signal that it is still working, but does not have enough power to keep the UI up.

I can see it on my router webpage no ip assigned for raspberry also no network traffic showed only it dies, the RPi is on 4A power adapter.