How to reset Balenafin device ?


My balenafin device is not taking boot.

I want to reset my balenafin board.

How can i reset balenafin board.

Thank you

Hello Hemant,
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It would help us help you if you share some more details about your problem.
Do you have physical access to the fin? Have you connected it to a power source and an HDMI output as documented?
Would recommend going through the following documentation to get started: balenaFin - Docs


HI Pranav,

Thanks for the documents.

Yes, I have physical access to fin and I did check fin by connecting it to power supply and HDMI.

But unfortunately my fin is not taking boot.

To flash it again, I followed the steps mentioned in the document but BalenaEtcher does not detect my fin.

I am using latest version(v1.5.121) of BalenaEtcher and I have development kit of fin (v1.1.1)

Best Regards
Hemant Sharma

Hi Hemant,

Can you try a different cable with the device and see if that helps? The cable can affect the connection sometime as highlighted here: balenaFin - Docs

Do let us know if you run into any further issues.


HI Nitish,

Already did this activity.

But the issue remains the same.

Hemant Sharma

Hello @hemant.sharma could you please attach pictures of the fin (both sides) so we can see leds patterns and compute module?

If there is an issue with this fin we will connect you with the Fin team to solve your problem.

Thanks and let’s stay connected

Hi @hemant.sharma ,

Are you still facing this issue? If we can see the LED pattern and how the Compute Module is connected, we might be able to figure out what’s going on.