How to download dev & prod of intel-nuc 2.89.15 via cli?

ubuntu@ubuntu-desktop:~$ sudo balena-cli/balena os versions intel-nuc
v2.89.15 (recommended)

How can I download the dev & prod image of 2.89.15?

balena os download 2.89.15 downloads the dev image… Now, prod image?


Hello there,

Recent OS versions ( versions > 2.85 ) no longer have separate production and development images. Instead, there is single unified image, that can be configured to behave like a production or development one. When downloading via the CLI like you are, the image will act as a production image by default.

Using the CLI, the image can be configured to act as a development image using the balena os configure command, with the --dev flag: balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation

Hope this answers your question!