can't use development features anymore on v2.85.2+rev6

Hi all,

on balena-iot-gate-imx8 I can’t build the development image anymore (on v2.82.10+rev1 it was working properly, on v2.85.2+rev6 it doesn’t work anymore) meaning I don’t have passwordless root ssh access.

The build command is:
./balena-yocto-scripts/build/barys --shared-downloads $(pwd)/cache/yocto-shared/shared-downloads/ --shared-sstate $(pwd)/cache/yocto-shared/shared-sstate/ --development-image -m “$MACHINE”

I also tried (without any success):
./balena-yocto-scripts/build/barys --shared-downloads $(pwd)/cache/yocto-shared/shared-downloads/ --shared-sstate $(pwd)/cache/yocto-shared/shared-sstate/ -m “$MACHINE” --development-image --additional-variable “OS_DEVELOPMENT=1” --additional-variable “DEVELOPMENT_IMAGE=1”

Did something change?


Hi, from v2.85 balenaOS has unified production and development images and is now a unified image. The production and development features are still available as a runtime developmentMode configuration in config.json. See for details.

When an image is downloaded from a fleet on a balenaCloud instance, or via the CLI or links, the image is configured on the fly.

If you are doing local OS development, there is now an OS_DEVELOPMENT variable that you can configure in conf/local.conf that would build a development image in the same way as before. See for details.