Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 Production image on both links

Hi there,

I am trying to download the development image of Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 but I am getting the production version for both of them.

I am listing the links of the images mentioned of the official website.

Device BalenaOS Version Production Development
RASPBERRY PI ZERO 2 W (64BIT) BALENAOS 2.105.21 Download Production image Download Development image

I know the alternative to configure the image using a JSON file with developmentMode: true

If any you guys can upload the dev image would be highly appreciated!

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Alternative solution:

balena os configure image.img --dev --fleet <fleet-name> --debug

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Thanks @elsevero for reporting. I have raised this with our team to publish the dev specific image for Rpi Zero W2.

Hey, the links appear correct to me now in Run containers on embedded edge devices - balenaOS

Could you please check again?

For context, the images are the same, they are just pre-configured on the fly for development mode.