How to debug connection issues.


I have a balenaos gateway at home that i want to use for developement, however it is not connecting to the openabalena server (4 led bleeps followed by a pause) through my home router. I tried to connect it through my phone gsm connection (i set the phone as a wifi station) and that worked. So now i’m trying to figure out why the gateway cannot use my home router.

My home router was given to me by the internet provider and i have no access to it, to see if there are certain firewall settings. I could ask them, but i’m not sure what i should ask for, as from what i understand the balenaos gateway initiates the connection by itself, so there is no need for any ports to be open. Is it possible that the router is blocking outward connections to certain ports?

Also, is there some way to debug exactly what is causing the connection issues by looking at logs, client and serverside?

Hi @something,

Have you run diagnostics on the device from the balenaCloud dashboard? That could provide some feedback we could look at to help troubleshoot the issue. That fact that the device works on your phone suggests wifi, etc. is working properly. Have you tried using a wired connection to your ISP-provided router in addition to just wifi? Also, you might try running traceroute from the Host OS in each configuration to track where the problem lies.


I found the problem. I was trying to connect my raspberry 3 to 5ghz wifi and it only supports 2.4ghz. :see_no_evil:

Glad you got to the bottom of it. This has happened to many of us many times :confused: